Transform your favorite picture into
a popular magazine cover

What are Fake Magazines

Our fake magazine covers are page layouts mimicking real magazine front pages.
They are edited using
your own picture(s) and captions.

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Why would you want one?

Birthdays, accomplishments in sports or business, newborns or retirements, theses are among the most popular occasions our
fake magazine covers are used for.

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  • Main feature is the picture supplied by you that will fill most of the page;
  • Magazine style of your choice:
  • About 100 magazine names are listed here and there on the site but you may also select CUSTOM to get ANY other magazine, including a creation of your own;

  • Up to three personalized captions are included; more may be added;
  • Your fake magazine cover is emailed to you within 24 hours;
  • Magazine cover image file delivered is a 200 dpi, highest quality JPEG;
  • Price for standard cover is $9.95
  • Extra captions (4th & up) are $1.25 ea.
  • Extra images (superimposed over main) are $2.00 ea.
  • Free amendments until cover meets your expectations or full refund if it cannot be achieved.

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Here is where you will fill-in contact information and cover content.
USEFUL TIP: Captions already prepared in a text document can be copied and pasted into form.



This step will allow reviewing information given and uploading your image(s) to our server.



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